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Inventory / Monumental Lectern Bible dated 1507

Monumental Lectern Bible dated 1507

Enormous Lectern Bible from Austria or Bohemia, Dated 5 February 1507. Single folio on vellum. Austria or Bohemia, 1507: 410 mm x 270 mm (justification 307 mm x 204 mm). Double column, 34 lines. Decoration: large initial I in red opening chapter 11; versal initials tipped in red; rubricated. Text: This is a grand example of a late medieval lectern bible, exemplifying a trend in book production that gave rise to the Gutenberg Bible. In fact, the letter forms are so exacting because they imitated print. Curiously, this bible has rubricated chapter summaries. Provenance: from the collection of Otto F. Ege, the Cleveland rare book dealer (d. 1951). He acquired one intact volume of this multi-volume manuscript, now Walters Art Gallery MS W.805 (dated 5 February 1507), along with a fragmentary second part, which he broke; see S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts (Cayce, SC), Handlist 44 and 145.

Price: 1200