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Inventory / Doctrinale by Alexander de Villa Dei with Scholia

Doctrinale by Alexander de Villa Dei with Scholia

The Doctrinale puerorum, a versified Latin grammatical treatise. Single folio on vellum. France, ca. 1375: 203 mm x 143 mm (justification 153 mm x 37-67 mm). Single column, 30 lines. Ruled in diluted ink. Decoration: paraphs in red, capitals touched in red. Text: lines 607-669 on fourth declension nouns from the Doctrinale puerorum by Alexander de Villa Dei (Villedieu) (ed. Kehrbach, Berlin, 1893). Curiously, some verses seem to have been erased and re-written. Provenance: collection of William Chmurny (d. 2013). Condition: recovered from a binding, hence with the usual staining from binder’s glue; the verso rather indistinct but legible; numerous chips alone spine edge, a few long but narrow holes affecting one line of text and some marginalia. Extensive marginalia in several hands, some underlined in red, probably added by a master and then a student using this text for instruction. Alexander de Villedieu (or Alexander de Villa Dei, d. ca. 1240) was a Franciscan and Master of the University of Paris. Composed around 1200 in Leonine hexameters, the Doctrinale puerorum remained popular for 300 years.

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