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Inventory / Table of Contents from the Sanctorale of a vast Gradual.

Table of Contents from the Sanctorale of a vast Gradual.

Two folios on vellum. Spain, ca. 1600: 600 x 402 mm (justification 420 x 244 mm). Single column, 16 lines. These folios lay out the major feasts for the first half of each month. The February saints indexed are Dorothy, Romuald, Apollonia, and Valentine; they follow a mass for St. Agatha (5 February). The indexed May Feasts are Popes John and Felix, and St. Petronilla, followed by SS. Marcellinus, Petrus and Erasmus in June, for which a mass-set follows. Each of the feast days refers to a folio number later in the book, doubtless from the Common. Some of the texts, however, have folio numbers written above them, and these either refer to the full texts or else the complete chants. The penmanship is of the highest quality. These manuscripts are ideal for teaching about vellum production because they have visibly contrasting hair and flesh sides, as well as prominent spine follicles running along the middle of each folio.

Price: 250