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Inventory / Rare Treatise on Polyphonic Chant

Rare Treatise on Polyphonic Chant

Exceptionally Rare Anonymous Treatise on Music Theory, including Polyphony. Single fragment on vellum, the remains of a bifolium. Northern France, ca. 1450: 68 mm x 275 mm. Single column on each folio with 10-11 lines. Some initials tipped in red. Text: this is an anonymous text that survives only on three other witnesses: Berkeley MS 744, BL MS Add. 23220, and Catania, Bibliotheche Riunite Civice MS e A. Urbino Recupero D.39. It has been edited by Oliver Ellsworth, and our portion corresponds to text on pages 70, 72-4, 76, and 78-80. It discusses tones (Dorian, Hypodorian, Phrygian) and syllables, mentioning Boethius and the Frenchman Johannes de Muris, a music theorist (d. post 1344). Condition: removed from a binding, therefore with some holes at the one end of the strip, and abrasions with loss of text on one side.

Price: 1100