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Inventory / Luxury Italian Missal with Part of the Canon

Luxury Italian Missal with Part of the Canon

Bifolium on vellum. Italy, ca. 1350: 282 mm x 216 mm, about 15 mm folded (justification 201 mm x 142 mm). Double column, 26 lines. The text is discontinuous. Decoration: noteworthy contrasting penwork on 16 alternating red and blue initials; smaller alternating blue and red initials, and two single-line initials in gold, now slightly worn. Text: The first leaf has Temporale masses for the 24th and 25th Sundays after Pentecost, while the second is part of the Canon, with instructions for the celebrant to bless the host or chalice, extend his arms over the gifts, and bow deeply. Condition: the first leaf is in good condition, lightly soiled and cockled; the second, coming from the Canon, is very worn and dirty.

Price: 650