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Inventory / Isaiah from an Extremely Early Pocket Bible

Isaiah from an Extremely Early Pocket Bible

The Bible in a Rare Early Format. Single folio on vellum. Northern France, probably Paris, ca. 1220: 191 mm x 126 mm (justification 128 mm x 82 mm). Double column, 56 lines. Foliated 226. Guide letters for the rubricator appear in the margins. Multiple corrections and annotations. The format is exceptionally early, as the chapters run on in the same line and the chapter numbers appear in the margins. Decoration: Two-line alternating red and blue initials in running heads; one-line red and blue initials; versal initials tipped in red. Text: Is 12.5 agnifice … 18.2 qui. Provenance: The parent manuscript once belonged to Otto F. Ege, the Cleveland dealer (d. 1951); see. S. Gwara, Otto Ege’s Manuscripts (Cayce, SC, 2013), Handlist 60. Condition: slight mat burn, otherwise fine.

Price: 325