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Inventory / On the Sins of Pride and Sloth

On the Sins of Pride and Sloth

William Perault (Guillaume Peyraut), Summa de virtutibus et vitiis. Three folios on vellum. Northern France or Flanders, ca. 1280: 332 mm x 238 mm (justification 241 mm x 158 mm). Double column, 38 lines in a very accomplished hand. Ruled in plummet; very black and legible ink. Some annotations, corrections, and insertions. Decoration: alternating red and blue pilcrows. Text: Two from the section on pride (De superbia): 1. Book II, part 1, capp. 7-8; Book II, part 1, capp. 10-12 and part 2, cap. 1. A third from the section on Accidia. Condition: excellent. Large and handsome leaves. One does not commonly encounter so fine a manuscript from a presumably monastic text. Given the date, the manuscript may have been written in William’s lifetime.

Price: 1250 ea.