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Inventory / Decorated Missal from Siena

Decorated Missal from Siena

Large illuminated missal. Single folio on vellum. Italy, probably Siena, ca. 1475: 342 mm x 250 mm (justification 220 mm x 163 mm). Double column, 30 lines. Original foliation “XXIII” in red pen; modern pencil foliation “31” in upper right margin. Decoration: two handsome three-line initials in bright colors on gold grounds (the grounds now worn); alternating red and blue two-line initials with contrasting penwork; rubricated. Curiously, the initials indicate the collects. Text: end of a mass for the fourth Sunday after Pentecost; a mass for the fifth Sunday (with initial); opening of the mass for Septuagesima Sunday, with the rubric for the stational church of St. Lawrence Beyond the Wall (San Lorenzo fuori le Mura) (with initial). Rubrics for the stational churches in Rome indicate those where the Pope traditional held masses, mostly during Lent. Provenance: the dimensions almost perfectly match those of a missal in Bruce Ferrini, Catalogue 1 (1987), no. 45, Use of Rome, illuminated by Sano di Pietro and doubtless from Siena. Condition: very good. Some soiling in the margins but clean overall.

Price: 1250